SALCAA March 2018 selected artists

(Please see bios below)

César Aguilera, Ft. Myers, Fla. (Ecuador)
Mely Barragán, San Diego/Tijuana border (Mexico)
Mariana Cano, Valencia, Venezuela (Venezuela)
Pablo Castañeda, Mexicali, Mexico (Mexico)
Pilar Contardo, Naples, Fla. (Chile)
Arturo Correa, Naples, Fla. (Venezuela)
Juan Diaz, Naples, Fla. (Colombia)
Antonio Guerrero, Miami, Fla. (Cuba)
Cecilia Lueza, St. Petersburg, Fla. (Argentina)
MANO, Miami, Fla. (Cuba)
Katia Miranda, Guatemala City, Guatemala (El Salvador)
Lucía Rohrmann, Guatemalan City, Guatemala (Guatemala)
Daniel Ruanova, San Diego/Tijuana border (Mexico)
Arturo Samaniego, Naples, Fla. (Mexico)


Cesar Aguilera pic.jpg

César Aguilera

César Aguilera is an Ecuadorian contemporary visual artist. Exploring the experiences of human life has led him to experimental works and taken him through a vast spectrum of mediums, techniques, materials and subject matter. He also explores unconventional materials such as bleach, coffee and discarded technology. Although his approach is always in flux, his objective remains constant: to use Art as a means of finding solutions to problems that plague our world and the societies that inhabit it. In 2015, he was the winner of both the the Gulfshore Life Emerging Art Leader award and the Berne Davis Choice award.

Mely Barragán pic.jpg

Mely Barragán

Mely Barragán is a Mexican contemporary border artist. Barragán uses elements and images from mass media, pop art, and popular culture to address gender issues, particularly imposed feminine archetypes by our patriarchal society. She utilizes various media including collage, painting, printing and sculpture. Barragán’s wordplay in her art transcribes indiscretion over windows of symbolisms, producing palettes affected by human relationship and time, her philosophy surfaces over found idealisms and broken models. During her two-year residency in China, she co-founded the TJinChina Project Space, which hosted multicultural exchange between Tijuana, her hometown, and the global art discourse. Barragán has participated in many solo exhibitions in Mexico and in group exhibitions in the United States, Spain, China and Mexico.

Mariana Cano pic.jpg

Mariana Cano

Mariana Cano is a Venezuelan contemporary artist. Cano’s work is inspired by her transit memories, life experiences and dreams. She is also intrigued by her relationship as a human being with the environment, the present status of her country and the imagined one. In that creative process y and through the use of paper, crayon and fiber as main resources, she tries to integrate fragments of the different complexities that life brings. Cano has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Venezuela, as well as in the Wynwood Warehouse Project in Miami and received an honorary mention in the 2015 National Biennale of Drawing and Print in Valencia, Venezuela.

Pablo Castañeda pic.jpg

Pablo Castañeda

Pablo Castañeda is a Mexican contemporary border artist. His work is a vivid patchwork of all that is beautiful and devastating about life on the U.S. – Mexico border. Influenced by classic, modern and contemporary art, Castañeda's unique style embraces reality and simulation, the abstract and the figurative; a jigsaw accident in a wide-eyed territory. He began to experiment and work with different techniques and experimental disciplines as a graphic design student, delving into new artistic tendencies. Since childhood, Pablo developed a hearing impairment that caused him to go deaf, further strengthening his passion for art, dedicating himself to painting and improving in his profession daily. Castañeda has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Mexico and the United States.

Pilar Contardo pic.jpg

Pilar Contardo

Pilar Contardo is a Chilean contemporary visual artist. Contardo’s medium is mainly painting but she also explores others like sculpture and installations. Her painting style is figurative, expressionist and with an intense use of colors and strong bright palette. The drawing is precise and expressive. The thematic of her paintings are centered on the human figure. She creates imaginary characters out of her own personal memories and portrays them in ordinary everyday life situations in intimate settings. In 2016, her sculpture Señorita en Naples received an Honorable Mention by the Naples Art Association in the “Hello Yellow” exhibit. Contardo has participated in many solo and collective exhibitions in renowned galleries and museums in Chile. 

Arturo Correa pic.JPG

Arturo Correa

Arturo Correa is a Venezuelan-American contemporary visual artist and is featured in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Correa’s style offers an “intense and painstaking labor dedicated to explore the chaos of human nature through painting, in a constant quest to fathom the mysteries of life”. In Correa’s paintings, whether on canvas or wood, a particular aesthetic language can be perceived, resulting from a colorful mixture of figuration and abstraction, in their form as well as their concept, related to the combination of his Latin American roots and the Anglo American side of his personality. Correa’s long and established artistic career consists of numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Venezuela.

Photo credits Nicole Inskip Photography

Photo credits Nicole Inskip Photography

Juan Díaz

Juan Diaz is a Colombian born contemporary visual artist that resides in Naples, FL. Diaz has used painting and drawing to explore and expose the complexities of life seeking freedom, respect and equality. He recently added to his creative outlets, performing art and installation, using them to investigate the relationships between life and death. Diaz’s work shows his need to break away from the comfort zone and is the reflection of constant search to express his process of understanding the human experience. His work has been included in important exhibitions at The Baker Museum, The Naples Depot Museum and Florida Gulf Coast University, as well as the Alliance for the Arts. Diaz was the recipient of Southwest Florida 2013 FACE Award for Culture & Arts awarded by Gulfshore Life Business Magazine and the 1999 Porter Goss Award.

Antonio Guerrero pic.jpg

Antonio Guerrero

Antonio Guerrero is a Cuban-American contemporary visual artist. While serving in the Cuban military in Ethiopia, he was inspired by the people and scenes of Africa and developed an interest in modern expressionism. After returning to Cuba, he resumed his work as an artisan specializing in painting, engraving wood carving, sculpting and metal work before immigrating to America. In 2012, Guerrero was chosen as one of four Cuban artists in the world to represent Bacardi’s 150th anniversary celebration with his artwork.

Cecilia Lueza pic.JPG

Cecilia Lueza

Argentine-born, American-based artist and sculptor Cecilia Lueza, studied visual arts at the University of La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today, she is well known for creating vibrant public art pieces in a range of mixed media. Throughout her career, she has intensely explored a wide range of artistic media, from traditional ones like painting and sculpture- in wood, metal, acrylic and polyurethane- to monumental projects like street murals and public art installations. Since 2000 she has been working on a variety of public art projects in many cities throughout the United States. Her work has been exhibited at Art Miami, Arteamericas, and Scope Miami Beach, and in the last year she completed public art pieces in Washington DC, Jacksonville FL, Cedar Rapids IA, and St Petersburg FL among others. 

MANO pic.jpg


MANO is a Cuban-American contemporary visual artist. He came to the United States as part of Operation Pedro Pan at the age of twelve. For the next five years he lived in Westfield, New Jersey with family friends until he was reunited with his parents.  Although MANO graduated as an electrical engineer and successfully practiced his profession for more than twenty years, he has always felt the need to express himself artistically and beyond the design concepts of engineering.  He is a self-taught artist known for his unique expressionist-style dominated by faces and his use of texture. MANO currently has a studio in Miami's Bird Road Art District and exhibits regularly in galleries, art fairs and festivals throughout the United States.

Katia Miranda pic.png

Katia Miranda

Katia Miranda is a Salvadoran contemporary visual artist that resides in Guatemala. With a background in classic and contemporary dance, Miranda developed a love for music, light and movement. This has been a strong influence in her hyperrealism oil paintings. In her latest works Wrappings, she believes that movement draws on space, enveloping the body and generating shapes; because everything in life, even ourselves, comes in wrappers and layers. Miranda is powerfully attracted to this mania of ours to envelope most things in our lives: to protect, but more specifically, to conceal. She has participated in many solo and collective exhibitions in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia.

Lucia Rohrmann pic.jpg

Lucía Rohrmann

Lucía Rohrmann is a Guatemalan contemporary visual artist. Rohrmann uses painting and sculpture to give expression to her lifetime passion for color, the magic within the forms, the mystery of the shadows, expression and movement. In her sculptures, she enjoys experimenting with different materials like crystal resin and iron. She embraces change and is constantly looking for new forms of expression. She has participated in many solo exhibitions in Guatemala and has represented her country in collective exhibitions in France, Italy and the United States, including the La Crisalida exhibition in 2015 at The New York Foundation of the Arts (NYFA) Gallery.

Daniel Ruanova pic.jpg

Daniel Ruanova

Daniel Ruanova is a Mexican-American contemporary border artist. He works to push the traditional boundaries of painting and sculpture through his unconventional use of materials. His paintings are a combination of Pop art, Street art and Abstract Expressionism, generally filled with dark color and neon bright contrasts. Ruanova’s latest sculptures, made of galvanized steel, bring the battles and insecurity of his hometown’s unsafe habitat into the gallery setting. During his two-year residency in China, he co-founded the TJinChina Project Space. He is the first ever visual artist to consecutively be awarded a three-year grant from the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts. Ruanova has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as art residencies around the world.

Arturo Samaniego pic.jpg

Arturo Samaniego

Arturo Samaniego is a Mexican-American contemporary visual artist. His technique infuses creativity and inspiration with a high level of craftsmanship. The Sea is a recurring theme in his recent paintings for its “metaphorical representation of life itself”. Samaniego combines the beauty of the human form with the emotion-evoking quality of gesture. The figure is executed in the classical, old master style, symbolizing the objective. His work is currently displayed in galleries across the United States, including the Mary Martin Gallery of Naples, FL and in Charleston, SC. In 2011, he was awarded the Best in Show at the 49th Founders Juried Awards from The Naples Art Association. His artwork has been featured in prestigious publications such as International Artist Magazine, Juxtapoze and Manifest Gallery. He has presented solo and group shows in New York, Miami, and Austin, among others.